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Small Carrie Ann B Great, concise review that gets at the essentials, Kurt. Thank you, as always, for sharing your perceptive insights. Your review moved me to take a break from work (which is NOT an easy thing for someone to inspire in me!) to go see "Locke" yesterday. Wow, this one will have me... More »
Small Don H Nice review, with which I agree. I saw the film several weeks ago and also was immediately struck by the parallels with the work of Ayn Rand. First, as in "The Fountainhead," a major plot element is the construction of a huge skyscraper. But perhaps less obviously, "Locke"... More »

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I can highly recommend Helen Smith's book "Men On Strike". I wrote my review of it on Amazon at the permalink below... In the light of... More »
One more thought, lest it sound like I'm not giving Ivan and the film sufficient credit for parallels to Rand's work. I see Ivan's reverence for his work and his integrity concerning his buildings to... More »
What I mean by Locke's having been deontological is that before his one big mistake, he had scrupulously performed all of his duties in every realm, so that everyone could count on him as extremely... More »
Interesting, I didn't know the parable as "Death in Tehran" but as "Appointment in Samarra," which is also the name of a John O'Hara novel. I'm not sure I see Locke as acting on a deontological... More »
One more quick thought... With respect to Oedipus, I thought that his tragic flaw was his hubris in thinking that he could elude his fate by leaving his home, sure that this would prevent him from... More »