Eco-terrorists Sentence Skeptics to Death

If you have ever felt that calling environmental activists "eco-terrorists" might be overly harsh, check out their latest video campaign, where global warming skeptics are being ... blown up.

Try this for a deep dark secret: The global warming activists... They're anti-man.

I guess we knew that all along... But now we have incontrovertible proof, from the horses' mouths.

Imagine a Christian group producing a video that castigates the evils of abortion and then threatens to blow up anyone who refuses to convert to the "pro-life" cause. Funny?

That's exactly what the global warming folks did, and they thought it was great fun. The scandal made a big splash in Britain, but as it's foreign news and makes politically correct environmentalism look bad, the mainstream media in the US (except Fox) aren't likely to make much of it, so gather round and listen close.

The video shown below, No Pressure, was produced by the British global warming activist and filmmaker Franny Armstrong, for her 10:10 campaign, which is about signing up individuals and businesses to reduce their carbon dioxide emissions by ten percent. Her idea is that if enough people sign up, she can shame the British government into making the cuts mandatory for the whole country, i.e. — let me spell that out, it's going to be important in the context of the video — the British government will force every single Briton to make these cuts to their lifestyle.

In the video, an activist teacher asks her class to join the 10:10 campaign. When two students refuse, she tells them it's no problem, it's their choice, there's "no pressure." But then she draws a remote control and dynamites the two little global warming skeptics to kingdom come.

Similar scenes repeat in an office setting, on a soccer field, and in the studio where Gillian "X-Files" Anderson is providing the voiceover: People are asked to reduce their emissions and told that there is "no pressure." But those who refuse are exploded into fountains of gore. In the end, the same threat is directed at the viewer: "Cut your carbon [sic] by 10%. No pressure."

Despite all the producers' and apologists' smoke and mirrors about "dark and edgy" and British humor, the message is clear: If you don't believe in global warming, if you refuse to lower your carbon dioxide emissions, you will be murdered.

If you never understood why they're not properly called "greens" or "environmentalists," but eco-terrorists, or why Ayn Rand correctly identified them as anti-man, now you have proof from the horses' mouths. Now you have it not from some Earth Liberation Front terrorists, but from a mainstream (or should I say, high street) charity that gets it financial support from the British government and corporations like Sony, Kyocera, and O2.

The video not only demonstrates their totalitarian anti-man designs to have everyone who refuses to sacrifice their happiness and independence to mother earth murdered, it also demonstrates the religious nature of the environmentalist cult. Like the faithful of a fundamentalist religion, once they find they cannot by reasoning convert you or at least make you follow their commandments, they resort to blowing up infidels.

One wonders, what did they think they could possibly achieve with this outrage?

Maybe the moviemakers are capitalist double agents out to discredit the eco-terrorists?

Or maybe the video was a publicity stunt? If it was, it got them plenty of buzz, but otherwise backfired by thoroughly discrediting their cause.

Or it shows just how badly they misjudged the situation. With global warming alarmism being the accepted mainstream in Europe and Obama in the White House, they must have believed that skeptics are such a marginalized minority that they could safely shoot a spot advocating their extermination by gestapo methods and the majority would cheer them on and laugh (maniacally, one presumes).

In case of a "dude not funny" reaction, they probably thought they could invoke British humor, like a Monty Python movie, where the most outrageous and absurd things happen for laughs. But given the fact that their avowed aim is having the government use force against those who do not reduce their emissions, it's about as funny as a Monty Python movie about Auschwitz.

How did they fake that reality? Probably by the old double standard that a crime isn't a crime if it is committed by a democratically elected government.

On top of that, they plead self-defense. Apparently, we threaten the eco-terrorists' existence by breathing and using power, or at least they're deluded enough to believe that.

"Doing nothing about climate change is still a fairly common affliction, even in this day and age. What to do with those people, who are together threatening everybody's existence on this planet? Clearly we don't really think they should be blown up, that's just a joke for the mini-movie, but maybe a little amputating would be a good place to start?"
jokes 10:10 founder and Age of Stupid film maker Franny Armstrong.

It constitutes supreme irony that moon bats that usually hold that an individual is not capable of making the right decision in a self-defense situation plead self-defense and pretend to understand the complexities of climate science, far more involved than any Mexican standoff can possibly be.

In any event, they couldn't resist the urge to act out their little wish-fulfillment fantasy the first instant they sensed they could get away with it, but boy did it blow up in their faces. They thought they could get away with threats of terrorism, but fortunately, we're not quite there yet, though not for lack of trying by sympathetic politicians like Al Gore.

For now, the upshot is that, as the eco-terrorists do not yet fully control the guns of government, all they got is pledges to spite them by increasing carbon dioxide output. Here are a few sample comments on this related video, at YouTube:

11oss: The adverts showing people who disagree with her being blown up have convinced me to go and buy a V8.

Nikopolis1912: After seeing this video, I must go and turn on a few lights, run an empty washing machine, leave the car idling in the drive and have a bonfire just for the hell of it.

kisemuk: After seeing this I have just turned on my air conditioner and an extra heater. Tomorrow I am going to chop down a tree before heading off to buy some giant spotlights, I need to increase my carbon footprint.

blogegog: It's going to be difficult to raise my carbon footprint by 10%, but I'm going to try. We've ALL got to try, people. If we don't, the world will become filled with hippie vegetarians like this lady. This cannot happen.

But more than that, this may be the end of the global warming hysteria and environmentalism as we know it. Like an evil phantom, the eco-terrorists have dropped their mask and provided us with a weapon that works against them like a mirror against a vampire.

Whenever another environmentalist rears their head and claims mother earth needs something, just show them and their audience this video mirroring the true nature and goals of the greens: the totalitarian rule of gore and the murder of all who resist.

Alexander Butziger is the author of the Kevin Traynor series of capitalist mystery novels."In his latest book,Mysterious Boat, Kevin Traynor investigates a ghostly boat haunting near an old house in Malibu and also the vanishing of the Anasazi in the second story, The Secret of the Lost Tribe." His blog is at Reason and Liberty Central.

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Marlize V
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Excellent column. Disgusting videos. I'm tempted to watch them again -- as I still can't believe these even exist in the world -- but I'm eating breakfast as I write this and would prefer to keep it in.

I hope you're right when you say the videomakers may have misjudged the situation and thought their views more mainstream than they are. I fear that all too many environmentalists, or even college students who are doing the hip thing and "going green," would find these commercials somehow amusing.

Great column, though.
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You said it! These people are not into ecology but into ascendancy and control.

Why is it that some people don't have faith in Nature's ability to handle things? They think they know better.

I suppose they would like to get us back to the good ol' days when there was a bodacious ozone layer... and no carbon-based life at all on Planet Earth? Carbon dioxide increases as life on Earth increases.

They must be told to give us a "base carbon year" as the ideal before they can expect us to get on their bandwagon. How legal is a game where your opponent gets to run around the field moving the goalposts? We are being jerked around by them ONLY because we choose to allow it!
Wow, the "Thompson Harmonizer." I think the soccer (yes, soccer!) coach at the end of the 2nd minute was South African, adding a politically incorrect demographic to targeted scientific opinions.
I recall hearing about some outfit called the "Voluntary Human Extinction Movement". The idea being that humankind is the biggest threat to Mother Gaia, and the best thing for the planet would be for all us carbon-based life forms to "voluntarily" off ourselves.

The capitalists should get together on this idea and sell them the ropes and the pills. Perhaps we could even convince them to demonstrate the validity of their position by going first.
As I was reading this and stopped at the video to watch it, I was sure the video was made by a group who opposed the 10:10 idea. Imagine my surprise as I continued to read and realized that the people who had made the video were actually advocating the program if not this exact response to those who choose to not participate.

I am glad that these groups are now being identified as eco-terrorists!
Okay, so this particular ad campaign is in poor taste. It is a logical fallacy to attribute this poor taste to all environmentalists.

The scientific truth is that if we don't reduce our carbon emissions, the world will become unlivable. Most environmentalists are pro-science and pro-humanity. They are true objectivists.

The snake oil salesmen who deny global warming are the ones who despise humanity, coddling them into committing global suicide by ignoring the scientific warnings and continuing to pollute with abandon.

Objectivists should be the first to embrace science and reason, to face our problems squarely and seek solutions boldly. When I see so-called objectivists denying science, I have to shake my head and roll my eyes. Get with it, people!
Thanks to Alexander Butziger for bringing this extremely horrible 10:10 piece to our attention in spite of it's terrible message. He's absolutely correct in pointing out the parallels with religious fanaticism's defaulting to intimidation and force. I'd add that the Green's hypocrisy is also clearly demonstrated considering the modern technolgies and energy they themsleves waisted in making this propaganda. But they, of course, would rationalize that it's justified for their "cause". And their "no pressure" clause is an outright lie delivered with the false kindness of the newer, gentler, politically correct, more media savvy Fasicisms of today.

The real issue here is power over others. The Green's contradictory altruistic premises demands even more extreme contradictions in order to force their agenda to work on others they're supposedly helping. Anyone who refuses their help gets blown up. And what about the desenters rights? Blank out.

What about the after shock to the survivors? Wouldn't the terrorism affect their opinions? Wouldn't the threat turned into murder awaken their sense of self preservation? Blank out.

And on a purer and even more ridiculous concrete level, what about the damage they're doing to the very environment they're supposedly defending? Who's going to clean up that mess? Blank out.

Monty Python had a much keener sense of creative destruction, where truly entertainment consciuos and usually constructive with the controlled backlash they unleashed. They used gamey British humor to point out absurdities, not to propigate them. The Pythons should do the rebutal to the 10:10s, like a loving parent to a horrible illigitimate offspring, turning the Green's sick joke back on itself. Now that would be a modern day Clash of the Titans as absurdities escalate into destructive infinity. Proving once again that ideas do have consequences, whether for good or for bad.
Let me get this straight. You actually believe that global warming activists all secretly would act this way if given the chance. That this is â??incontrovertible proofâ? of â??their totalitarian anti-man designs to have everyone who refuses to sacrifice their happiness and independence to mother earth murdered.â? Are you just hyping this idea to get attention, or are you some kind of [ad hominem redacted]?

There is nothing inherently â??anti-manâ? about wanting the planet that every single human lives on to possess a healthy environment - Quite the opposite actually. Can people of all political persuasions make ads that are in bad taste? Certainly. But, to argue whether and how well this ad is trying to make a point with dark humor is beside the point. To truly believe that all â??greensâ? really want to murder those that donâ??t think exactly like them requires an extraordinary lack of judgment on your part.
That ad campaign really misses the point with the death threats and all, I'll give you that.

Just let me tell you this, if your happiness and independence are going to be sacrificed to mother earth just by making a conscious effort to make this earth more livable then you're probably doing something wrong.

I agree that the video is way over the top and really takes the idea too far, I also think that joining a religion won't make the world a better place but cutting your emissions will have immediate benefits for the most important person: YOU!
I'd like to add that I, like most Objectivists I know, do beleive quite strongly in a healthy environment. I acquired these values long before I ever knew about Ayn Rand, Objectivism or even capitalism by having been raised in a highly creative family of artisans and engineers who all practiced sound environmental practices. This was taken as a normal aspect of the creative process in order to have a truly beautiful end product that didn't destroy its own context. This same principle was also extrapolated throughout the entire supply chain. We were also recycling long ago, way before the Green's monoploized the concept. We still do.

What this 10:10 video clealy demonstrates is the condecending sweet talk of the newer generations invasion into all levels of your personal behaviors. Your ideas, aspirations, attitude, appearance, tone of voice and diet must now all be state sanctioned. The fake light hearted introduction of the lectures are consistently followed by real terrorist murders. To dismiss this as simpley child's play or make believe film fantasy is to miss the real message entirely. This' sheer fascist propaganda of the current British school that may seem less real to Americans because of their cultural familiarity. But it's much closer to literal Nazi indoctrinations than anything we've yet seen. Don't be misled by their sugar coating. They're actually asking for your permission to kill you. Would you grant it? I won't.
Here's the version they should have made.

They got a lot of hate-mail. On 10/4 I joined in:

I don't think you "missed the mark"; I think you nailed your values right on the head.

You are authoritarian, you are driven by envy, you see mankind as an evil presence, you intend to punish him for his rightful niche as ruler of the earth, you strive for abject conformity, and conversational dishonesty doesn't bother you a bit.

You see dissenters as an obstacle to be eliminated either physically or at least culturally, and your little 'video' was a propagandistic way to introduce that idea into society.

Just TRY to tell me you weren't subconsciously thinking all of that when you approved the first storyboard.

I wish all misanthropic groups didn't wait so long to be so honest. Then the rest of us would know immediately who our enemies are.

You want to stop pollution? Then stand for private property rights! Because nobody has the right to pollute someone else's property - and damned near everything out there is someone else's property.

Ask yourself why you missed the mark on that.
Haha. Now after all these things that I do naturally as a matter of course for my financial well-being; like turning the heat down when I leave the house, clicking off my computer's power strip, buying more efficient light bulbs, and not running the water while I brush my teeth - I find that I have to go out and find a better job, so that I might better financially support the rebellion.

But seriously, there is a tremendous difference between an evolution towards a more responsible stewardship of our environment and what these folks are proposing. The revolutionaries always think they can force the population's hand by mandating regulations and eventually, it always blows up in their faces. Not too punny.
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