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Q&A: The Atlas Shrugged movie trailer

Curious about the details of the new Atlas Shrugged movie trailer? Screenwriter Brian Patrick O'Toole joined us for a quick round of questions about the writing, CGI, and other details behind the recently released trailer.

Belarusian dissident Jaroslav Romanchuk

In the former Soviet republic of Belarus rules Europe's last authoritarian dictator. His brutal crackdown on dissidents in December generated controversy, around which many questions remain. Jaroslav Romanchuk has answers.

A new way to fix debt crisis: Unchain Atlas

America's skyrocketing national debt forces us to make hard choices. Do we go bankrupt? Raise taxes? Make (politically impossible) entitlement cuts? Perhaps, instead, we should simply cut wasteful and costly government regulations.

Ben Franklin's Birthday: A Crucial Lesson from 'The First American'

The self-made Atlases of the world keep the wheels of civilization turning, with many of our Founding Fathers among them. As a self-made rapper might say, "It's all about the Benjamins."

Ayn Rand's UFO

A recent article in Forbes magazine tells us Ayn Rand "believed in UFOs." Did Miss Rand have a hobby none of us knew about? Don your tinfoil hat, grab your binoculars, and let's take a look.

Free or fair?

Cheaper prices on various goods and services from around the world are generally a good thing for American consumers. So why is it that so many 'free trade' advocates see this as unfair?

Yaron Brook: Capitalism without guilt

Brook has become a leading crusader for Ayn Rand's ideas, in the media and elsewhere. We joined him at a recent event in Atlanta to see what his speaking events are like in person.

Is Julian Assange a journalist?

When it comes to the First Amendment, there is no restriction on who may publish information. Why, then, has Wikileaks been targeted so aggressively by the US government?

Tron's legacy of moral contradictions

The dazzling new Tron Legacy movie extends the original like a richly vivid fractal universe, amplifying every aspect of Tron -- including Disney's tired moral pretensions.

Capturing the spirit of Atlas Shrugged

What was it like to attend the ten-minute sneak-peek of the Atlas Shrugged movie earlier this month in New York City? An Atlasphere member relates his firsthand experience.