Bernie, Bernie: Was it selfish?

Many would say Bernie Madoff was a very selfish man -- a man who hurt others, including his own family, because he acted only for himself. But did he?

Why are language rules so baffling?

Whatever your goals, it's essential to possess the skills to express your ideas effectively and persuasively. When you master the tools of communication, you have an edge in work and in life.

Unlikely Inspiration

What does it mean to behave honorably? Where do we draw the line, when we realize we're expected to participate in something unethical? Inspiration, it turns out, can come from unlikely places.

Putting ObamaCare on Ice

Mass media is a powerful tool for disseminating ideas to the public. And now, a great new movie and business opportunity is available to help quash support for ObamaCare.

Eco-terrorists Sentence Skeptics to Death

If you have ever felt that calling environmental activists "eco-terrorists" might be overly harsh, check out their latest video campaign, where global warming skeptics are being ... blown up.

Henry Cameron's Last Hour

Many real-life New York buildings make an appearance in the movie version of The Fountainhead. Which ones does Henry Cameron see in the final hour of his life? And what do they say to him?

Thinking about Thinking

Even highly intelligent people are prone to evading reality. Think you're immune? Here are five questions you can ask yourself, to help evaluate your own intellectual courage and fidelity to reality.

Making up Stories

When confronted with uncomfortable information that contradicts their view of reality, many people will make up the strangest "stories" to preserve their existing worldview. Why is this so?

The Still-forgotten Korean War

As of last week, sixty years have gone by since the commencement of the Korean War. However, one can find nary a mention of this landmark date anywhere in the media. Why the silence?

Why I Love McDonald's

McDonald's is a favorite target of derision from anti-capitalist elements in our society.  However, these rabid McDonald's haters never really explain exactly what's so bad about an efficient restaurant chain.