On Duty

Ayn Rand bore no fondness for the concept of 'duty,' at least by that name. But another writer, Robert A. Heinlein, had insights on the subject that are well worth remembering.

Long Live the Objectivist

Ayn Rand's ethical system honors life above all else, and provides the perfect framework for embracing the importance of health, quality-of-life, and longevity.

Spring Cleaning: Advice for Young Writers

Learning to take advice from other writers and critics can be a crucial, yet painful, part of your own growth process, as a writer. The most important growth, however, comes from following your own vision.

The Guy Francon Who Wasn't

Architect Ely Jacques Kahn mentored Ayn Rand when she was writing The Fountainhead. Successful and well-connected, he was a social model for Guy Francon -- but there was a touch of Roark in him, as well.

A Lesson in Profit

Faulty collectivist philosophies -- all too often mischaracterized as 'virtues' -- are at the root of our current economic downturn. But what if men like Henry Ford had adopted this 'virtuous' mindset?

Can the Free Market Survive without Rand?

As Rand's prescient novels enjoy a modern resurgence, a counter-movement on the right has begun tearing down her ideas. Can free markets survive, however, without a sound philosophical defense?

Heroes and Heroism

Miep Gies, who helped protect Anne Frank from the Third Reich, recently passed away at the age of 100. Her actions tell us something important about the role of heroism in our own lives.

Muhammad: The 'Banned' Images

For many decades now, Western intellectuals and politicians have cowed to threats of violence from Islamic radicals. Today we must all take a stand for freedom of speech and reasoned discourse.

What ObamaCare Means for You

Obama's health care initiatives will change America forever, in ways that are not hard to predict. Here is what you can expect from it -- and how to stop them in their tracks this week.

The Faces of Rationed Medical Care

One of the most powerful arguments against Obama's national health care proposals lies in Ayn Rand's novel We the Living -- the beautiful Italian movie version of which is now available for purchase on DVD.