Peter Keating Designed Rockefeller Center?

It's no secret Ayn Rand modeled the character of Howard Roark, in many respects, after architect Frank Lloyd Wright. Could it be that she had a real life model for Peter Keating, as well?

Ayn Rand and Socialized Medicine

One of the most powerful arguments against socialized medicine, emotionally and intellectually, lies in a book you may have forgotten to consult: Ayn Rand's first novel, We the Living.

Democrat Health Care 'Retreat' Is Phony

Democrats claim to be retreating from the "public option" for government health care. But make no mistake, their new plan for a publicly funded health care "co-op" is a new name for the same bad ideas.

Do You Really Know the U.S. Constitution?

Sotomayor's appointment to the Supreme Court poses a challenge to all who value the U.S. Constitution: It's time to step up to the plate, and educate our fellow citizens about its nature and importance. Can you?

Ayn Rand vs. Barack Obama on Iran

After Iran's recent clampdown on protesters, it took Barack Obama a full week to denounce the regime's brutality. Ever wonder what Ayn Rand's reaction to the same circumstances would have been?

Eulogy for the King of Pop

Pop music is more than a superficial diversion. It can improve our mood, lift our sights, and remind us of the value of life. At this, few performers were as gifted as Michael Joseph Jackson.

Ayn Rand's Philosophy at a Crossroads

Atlas Shrugged is topping the best-seller lists more than 50 years after its original publication, and the world has never been more in need of its ideas. Can we rise to the occasion?

Students Need Mental Ammunition

College students today face an ideological onslaught from educators who are more concerned with creating "good citizens" than teaching them real knowledge. And it's time for a new approach.

An Open Letter to Young Writers

There are more writers today than ever. Competition for paying work is stiff, and a useful way to distinguish good writers from bad is how they feel about this competition. Do they embrace it, or resent it?

The Perfect Storm of the Left

Barring a major upset, Barack Obama will be our next president -- and Democrats will have an even stronger majority in Congress.  So what can we expect to see from this perfect storm of the left?