Holiday Columns

A Washington Christmas

Congress gifted itself about $14 billion in earmarks just before the holidays, some of it to build monuments to their own largess. If you think that's bad, though, wait till you see what they're buying for us.

Thanksgiving vs. Socialism

Think Thanksgiving is about "sharing"? Think again. The first Thanksgiving couldn't happen until the colonists learned to forgo communitarian principles and, instead, live on private property.

Thanksgiving: A Truly American Holiday

When you sit down this year to celebrate, remember that the essential, secular meaning of Thanksgiving is the celebration of successful production. Thanksgiving is the producer's holiday.

Happy 231st Birthday, America

Happy Independence Day! Today we celebrate the birth of our nation, as conceived by a group of men in a Pennsylvania hall who many considered at the time as traitors.

'The Good' on Good Friday

If you're an atheist, you probably won't be celebrating Good Friday in a church. Ayn Rand had more than a little to say, however, about the importance of celebrating the good -- no church required.

Rethinking Rebirth

Most of us are well underway with resolutions of change that are typical of this time of year. Before you launch into those well-intentioned plans, however, stop and think about what self-improvement means to you.

Forging a Feast

Whether it's the frantic search for a last-minute gift or a grocery store raid for the dinner ingredients, getting overwhelmed this time of year is easy. But don't forget why you're trying so hard to begin with.

Making a Holiday Your Own

So you've commited yourself to being a true individualist. You keep an active mind, you pursue your goals, and you've put your own unique stamp on your life. But have you personalized your traditions?

Why Pick on Christopher Columbus?

These days, the words "Columbus Day" and "inhumanity" seem to go hand-in-hand. Perhaps, however, we should also consider the inhumanities perpetuated by certain earlier inhabitants of the Americas.

Peg of My Heart

Mother's Day is just around the corner. To celebrate the occasion, here are some thoughts from one daughter who understands why it is much more than a "Hallmark holiday."