Atlas Shrugged and The Compound Effect

Success magazine Publisher Darren Hardy discusses his Ayn Rand roots, his reactions to the Atlas Shrugged movie, the role of "the compound effect" in achieving real success, and what it means to live the good life.

Screenwriter Brian Patrick O'Toole

After decades of fruitless attempts to turn Atlas Shrugged into a movie, John Aglialoro remained adamant about creating a script that would be as faithful as possible to Ayn Rand's novel. Meet the man he hired to write that script.

Q&A: The Atlas Shrugged movie trailer

Curious about the details of the new Atlas Shrugged movie trailer? Screenwriter Brian Patrick O'Toole joined us for a quick round of questions about the writing, CGI, and other details behind the recently released trailer.

Belarusian dissident Jaroslav Romanchuk

In the former Soviet republic of Belarus rules Europe's last authoritarian dictator. His brutal crackdown on dissidents in December generated controversy, around which many questions remain. Jaroslav Romanchuk has answers.

John Aglialoro on the Atlas Shrugged movie

Producer John Aglialoro answers some key questions for the Atlasphere: How is the screenplay different from earlier drafts? How did the filming go? When will the movie be released? What’s in that 10-minute preview clip being shown next month in NYC?

12 Questions for Anne Heller

How did she discover Ayn Rand? What intrigued her enough to write a biography? What challenges did she encounter in her research? Anne Heller answers these and other questions for Atlasphere readers.

Style & Substance: Prof. Anthony Anadio

As many lament the sorry state of the liberal arts in our universities, professor Anthony Anadio is doing something about it. Entertaining and logical, Anadio's history courses might just be the wave of the future.

An Interview with Annemarie Omrod

What do Fortune 500 like companies Hasbro, Fidelity Investments, and DuPont have in common? They turn to John Galt Solutions to help them predict the future of their own industries.

Steven Schub Saves the Jews

Steven Schub is front-man for the Objectivist-influenced Afro-Celtic Yiddish ska band the Fenwicks, and he nuked Valencia, California on television, but now he's making up for it all by saving the Jews. Sort of.

Entrepreneur Kimberly Wingfield

Young entrepreneur Kimberly Wingfield sits down with the Atlasphere to discuss her fledgling business, the 2008 election, and what she calls "Directive 10-289 for Small Businesses."