Architecture and Entrepreneurship

Buildings can be utilitarian and functional, but as architecture, they can also express values and metaphysical themes. John Gillis speaks about art, entrepreneurship, and his life as an architect in New York City.

John Aglialoro on the Atlas Shrugged Movie

How committed is Angelina Jolie to the project? Was progress delayed by the writers strike? Will it be presented as a trilogy? Who is John Galt?  Find out in this interview with executive producer John Aglialoro.

Al Qaeda Lost

Lieutenant Colonel Mike Silverman explains why we win in Iraq by focusing on civilians rather than on the enemy, how the al Qaeda leadership bet everything they had on Anbar -- and why they lost.

Interview with Gastronome Jennifer Iannolo

Jennifer Iannolo steps away from the editor's desk to tell us all about her new magazine, Gastronomic Meditations — and why she and her fellow gastronomes will be coming soon to a television near you.

An Interview with AI Entrepreneur Peter Voss

One-on-one with the man who not only believes human-level artificial intelligence is possible, but is leading a team of software engineers to build the world's first working prototype.

Prodos: An Interview with the Interviewer

The King of Objectivist Interviews joins us to share his thoughts on spreading capitalism, why commie pinkos don't have any friends, and why cheerleaders are a symbol of morality. Yes!

Interview with Rand Historian Fred Cookinham

Could New York City's famed Oyster Bar be the Taggart cafeteria? Is 120 Wall Street the Dana Building? Meet the man with the map of Ayn Rand's New York.

An Interview with Homeschooling Pioneer Manfred Smith

An early leader in the homeschooling movement reflects on the problems with modern schools, his goals with Lyceum College, and more.

An Interview with Mimi Reisel Gladstein

One of the first academics to treat the work of Ayn Rand as worthy of scholarly treatment, Professor Gladstein discusses Rand, Steinbeck, and the academy.

The Free State Project: An Interview with Jason Sorens

Jason Sorens, founder of the Free State Project, speaks with the Atlasphere about politics, his intellectual influences, and advancing liberty at the state level.