Opinion Editorials

Red Herring Politics

One useful thing to remember is that in politics, as in sports, it helps to keep your eye on the ball. Let's see how politicians try to distract voters from the issues just before a close election.

Politicians Exploit Economic Ignorance

Many politicians and 'progressives' often try to hide their true intentions or lack of knowledge by playing semantics games with the laws of economics.  Let's see some examples.

Taxing the Rich

Across time, place, and culture, higher tax rates have always driven society's producers to leave or go underground.  Why, then, do politicians keep instituting this absurdly counterproductive measure?

Faking the Pledge

Republicans are now pledging to undo our tangled fiscal mess that they are blaming entirely on Democrats. Apparently, the GOP believes that Americans have the collective attention span of a gnat.

The Politics of Resentment

The theme of 'class envy' permeates Marxism. The recent mayoral election in Washington, D.C., however, illustrates that the best enforcer of arbitrary class divisions is not capitalism, but rather the state itself.

Profit vs. Nonprofit

The idea of non-profits as noble, selfless entities vs. profit-driven enterprise as evil and corrupt has been a pervasive cultural meme for some time.  However, these ideas couldn't be further from the truth.

Money Is Not What Schools Need

As expenditures for public education have gone up, educational standards have gone down drastically.  Let's examine the ruinous effects of a government monopoly, and what we can do to fix it.

The Money of Fools

In this four-part series, the phenomena of empty rhetoric and thoughtless, feel-good catch phrases employed by demagogues and ideologues are explored, dissected, and debunked.

In Defense of Western Civilization

As September 11th approaches, it is a fitting time to consider the true nature of the societies that collided that day in 2001.  We must assert the moral superiority of Western civilization, or lose it entirely.

Entrepreneurs Under Attack

Small businesses are and always have been the lifeblood of any healthy economy. However, high-level cronyism increasingly threatens to stifle nascent entrepreneurs at every turn.