Opinion Editorials

Racial Stupidity and Malevolence

Many do-gooders and race hustlers insist that the black-white achievement gap in the US today is the product of racism.  But how do you explain black students' stellar performance during Jim Crow?

Simpson and the Sacred Cow

A classic and cowardly defense tactic when one's ideas have failed logically is to shoot the messenger with pointless ad hominem attacks. Let's observe a recent example of this behavior.

Good Intentions Gone Bad

The Americans With Disabilities Act of 1990 was noble in intent, but disastrous in practice. A boon for frivolous lawsuits and little else, the ADA is a prime example of the futility that is legislating compassion.

'Moral Hazard' in Politics

What is the best way to increase the frequency of poor decision making in society?  If you guessed 'government subsidies,' you're correct; they're the best way to punish the good for being the good.

Who Cares About Our Future?

A strong rebuttal to the critics of last week's controversial column, Dr. Williams illustrates mathematically that Social Security is, in fact, an unsustainable and immoral pyramid scheme.

The Former House Speaker Knows a 'Stealth Jihadi' When He Sees One

The debate over whether or not Muslims have a right to exercise their rights and freedoms near Ground Zero has exposed many collectivists for what they really are.  Why is this even being discussed?

Dismantling America

Lincoln once noted that 'A house divided against itself cannot stand.' What, then, should be done when the 'house' consists not of warring geographical sections, but of the people vs. the government?

Memo to Alan Greenspan: Keep Quiet

Nicknaming him 'The Undertaker,' Ayn Rand was once skeptical of Greenspan's capacity as a thinker and a human being.  Given recent events, Rand's initial assessment seems sadly prophetic.

What Handouts To Cut

As the debate between looters and producers rages on, the titanic government handouts to seniors, many of whom are sitting on quite a bit of accumulated wealth, tend to be overlooked. Why?

Newsweek Whitewashes Al Sharpton

The continued media attention paid to Al Sharpton, a proven hypocrite and notoriously divisive race hustler, far outstrips the relevance that Sharpton holds in either the black or white communities.  Why?