Opinion Editorials

Private Enterprise Does It Better

One of the things that most people on both sides of the political aisle believe is that government should be in charge of building and maintaining all common infrastructure.  But is this really a good idea?

How Smart Are We?

Just as physical strength does not justify the subordination of the weak to the whims of the strong, superior mental abilities do not morally justify the sacrifice of the stupid to the brilliant. Let's observe.

These Buds Are for You

Many anti-drug warriors want to keep drugs as part of the demimonde 'for the good of the people.'  But, as the numbers show, the prohibition of any voluntary activity is anything but beneficent in the end.

Immigrants — Good or Bad?

Both freedom and immigration have brought America greatness and prosperity. However, several valid arguments exist against totally open borders. Is there a happy medium?

Race Card Fraud

Dr. King dreamed of an America that judged individuals based on the content of their character. Forty years later, false charges of racism from cynical apparatchiks threaten to undermine those ideals.

Attacks on Freedom

A vast number of laws that even the Feds admit they can't count, combined with ridiculously authoritarian enforcement of the laws widely known to exist, is a recipe for tyranny. Let's end this absurdity.

Signs of the Times

The slow economic recovery is largely due to expanding anti-business laws and rhetoric coming from Washington. Why do politicians persist in passing these vile and counterproductive laws?

The 'Revolt' Against the Democrats

Contrary to popular belief, the financial industry collapse was the direct result of meddling cronyism, not capitalism.  And the legislature's proposed new 'safeguards' simply ensure business as usual.

The Founders' Vision Versus Ours

Over 200 years ago, the Founding Fathers of the United States fought a long and bloody war to preserve the laws and principles necessary for a free and prosperous society.  What happened?

Entrepreneurship Helps Make America Great

Founded on the ideals of free minds, free markets, and the freedom to succeed or fail on one's own merits, America's pro-commercial outlook has been the backbone of our prosperity. Happy Independence Day!