Democracy Society

This new dystopian political thriller by freshman novelist John Christmas is fast paced and funny, and explores important social and philosophical problems with the misguided ideal of unlimited democracy.

I Am John Galt: Buy the book!

The new I Am John Galt is a rare and well-written book, shining a spotlight on the many ways in which Ayn Rand's Atlas Shrugged explains not only today's headlines, but also the people behind those headlines.

Book recommendation: The Lieutenant

How often do you find literary fiction portraying a principled and intellectually gifted "geek" with respect and even admiration? Kate Grenville's new novel The Lieutenant does just this -- with enjoyable results.

A salute to the Atlas Shrugged movie

Some of us weren't just skeptical about the new Atlas Shrugged movie; we wanted it stopped. There's no way a rushed, small-budget, independent production could do justice to Ayn Rand's novel. Or could it?

Where the Atlas Shrugged movie falls short

The new film adaptation of Atlas Shrugged offers first-rate set design, editing, music, wardrobe, and camerawork. Overall it was much stronger than expected. Why, then, are some viewers left unfulfilled?

A Roman copy of a Greek original

For successful transmission into the broader culture, great artwork must be copied into different mediums, by different artists with different visions and different capabilities. In the new Atlas Shrugged movie, this process is well at work.

Atlas Shrugged movie: Faithful, outstanding

This week the Atlasphere will publish a series of reviews exploring the new Atlas Shrugged movie. In this, our first review, physicist Hans Schantz looks closely at what changed from the novel and what remains intact.

Yaron Brook: Capitalism without guilt

Brook has become a leading crusader for Ayn Rand's ideas, in the media and elsewhere. We joined him at a recent event in Atlanta to see what his speaking events are like in person.

Tron's legacy of moral contradictions

The dazzling new Tron Legacy movie extends the original like a richly vivid fractal universe, amplifying every aspect of Tron -- including Disney's tired moral pretensions.

Capturing the spirit of Atlas Shrugged

What was it like to attend the ten-minute sneak-peek of the Atlas Shrugged movie earlier this month in New York City? An Atlasphere member relates his firsthand experience.