Special Features

Calling Vegas Objectivists!

Planning to be in the Las Vegas area for OCON this year? You're invited to a cocktail party at the Red Rock Hotel, an informal gathering organized by and for Atlasphere members.

Calling All High School and College Students

If you know an intelligent, ambitious young student who is tired of the same old collectivist twaddle in school, ask them if they'd like to attend a seminar dedicated to life, glory, and reason.

On the Death of Space Exploration

Ayn Rand spoke eloquently, in the 1960s, of mankind's visit to the moon. What would she say today of our "retreat"? Though she's not here to say, another writer has taken up the cause.

Major Atlas Shrugged Movie Updates

Plans for the movie are taking shape.  Learn what format it will take, some surprising details revealed already by the all-powerful director, and what the team of co-producers really thinks of Ayn Rand's work.

The Influence of Atlas Shrugged

Fifty years after its publication, Atlas Shrugged sells 130,000 copies a year, continues to inspire readers from all walks of life, and remains as relevant as ever to the moral and political problems in America.

A Centennial Toast to Ayn Rand

Join us in celebrating Ayn Rand's hundredth birthday. ...And in remembering what she taught us to honor, above all else.

Election 2004: The Case for Badnarik

The duopoly of American politics is dangerous and unnecessary. Vote for the man who stands for individual rights. (Part two of a two-part series at the Atlasphere on the 2004 presidential elections.)

Election 2004: The Case for Bush

Why will the Libertarian Party's first presidential candidate be voting for George W. Bush this year? Find out. (Part one of a two-part series at the Atlasphere on the 2004 presidential elections.)

Happy Birthday to the Atlasphere!

Join us in wishing a happy birthday to the sleekest, hippest, fastest-growing Ayn Rand community on the internet. (And check out what we've got in store for the next few months.)

9/11 Tribute: My Friend Ray

With catharsis comes healing. But for many, that path has been a long one. In this interview, one man who was in downtown Manhattan shares his thoughts and memories from September 11, 2001.