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Exxon Warming Up to Global Warming?

MSNBC reports that Exxon-Mobil has “stopped funding groups skeptical of global warming claims.”

Whether because of Congressional pressure, or that from stockholders nervous about bad publicity, the change can be expected to harbinger bad news for some. (Exxon actually stopped funding CEI, a major critic of global warming claims, prior to receiving the infamous Snowe-Rockefeller letter.)

Larger companies like Exxon may see little effect – they have highly paid lobbyists to soften any effect of expected increased legislative control. Smaller companies may simply disappear, unable to compete as the price of generating energy is increased.

Those who advocate a free market in energy, supported by sound environmental science, should be concerned.

Tracinski On Fox News – Rescheduled for Jan 8

Robert Tracinksi, owner and publisher of TIA Daily, is scheduled to appear on “Your World with Neil Cavuto,” a Fox News Channel program on Jan 8, time to be determined.

In a recent TIA Daily he outlined the three current strategies for Iraq under discussion by the Administration: “Going Big, Going Long, and Going Home.” He presents an alternative he calls “Going Wide.” This involves essentially looking beyond Iraq’s borders to the wider source of the problem, namely Iran and Syria.

Ayn Rand In Hollywood Exhibit

An exhibit of Ayn Rand images and documents is on display at the Frances Howard Goldwyn Hollywood Regional Library through February 28, 2007.

“Utilizing images and documents from The Ayn Rand Archives, this exhibit documents Ayn Rand’s personal and professional activities in Hollywood, 1926â??51.”

In addition to rare photos and video, there are scheduled screenings of several films with screenplays by Ayn Rand. Also, the biographical documentary, Ayn Rand: A Sense of Life will be shown January 13, 2007.

The library is located at 1623 N. Ivar Avenue, Hollywood, CA. Hours: Mon. 10-8, Tue. 10-8, Wed. 10-8, Thu. 10-8, Fri. 10-6, Sat. 10-6, Sun. 1-5

Peikoff’s DIM Course Free from ARI

The Ayn Rand Institute is offering, for a limited time, free online access to Leonard Peikoff’s “The DIM Hypothesis” course. The 15-lecture series discusses Dr. Peikoff’s theory of “the epistemological mechanics of society” and how it evolves.

The course covers the hypothesis’ impact on Metaphysics, Law, Science, Art, Politics, and much more.

Details are available at the Ayn Rand Institute website. (Registration required, but free.)

Monckton Reply to Snowe & Rockefeller: Let Exxon Speak

U.S. Senators Snowe and Rockefeller recently wrote a letter to Exxon-Mobil’s CEO urging the company to cease funding ‘climate skeptics’.

The Center for Science and Public Policy recently posted a pdf with a reply by Lord Monckton of the UK.

Websites around the Internet are afire with discussions about the free speech implications, on top of an already heated debate about climate change. Is it just a publicity-seeking move by some politicians? Is it an ominous portend? Read and decide for yourself.

Jolie Discusses Atlas Shrugged Film

Angelina Jolie, signed to portray Dagny in the film version of Atlas Shrugged, discusses the project in a recent interview.

“Everybody involved, the producers involved, we all sat down around a table and we all agreed that if we couldn’t do it right, if we couldn’t do it justice, if along the way any one piece didn’t come together like the right director or the right script, then we would all just fold it and not do it. So that’s where we’re at right now. We’re taking it step by step, and we’re going to make damn sure that it’s done right.”

Atlas Shrugged, World Is Flat Reviewed in URI School Paper

Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged was recently touted in the student newspaper of the University of Rhode Island, The Good 5¢ Cigar.

Normally, that might not be of much interest outside the student body of URI. But the review, which also includes a discussion of Friedman’s recent The World Is Flat, is not merely complimentary. It is objective, well written, and draws some interesting parallels to and distinctions from Friedman’s book.

Kudos to Joe Markman for that.

Braveheart Scribe To Pen Atlas Shrugged Screenplay

Daily Variety reports that Braveheart screenwriter Randall Wallace has been signed by Lionsgate to write the movie version of Atlas Shrugged.

The story states that the writer-director of We Were Soldiers will “finish the adaptation before he starts production next year on Catherine the Great,” also with Jolie.

No reason for the switch from Contact adapter James Hart was given.

Daily Variety quotes Wallace as saying “I was fascinated by Rand’s book. It was original and provocative.”

Wal-Mart Documentary Likens Attacks to Atlas Shrugged

A new documentary from co-directors Robert and Ron Galloway examines Wal-Mart’s business practices. They assert the attacks on Wal-Mart parallel those against the producers in Ayn Rand’s magnum opus.

It is straight out of (Ayn Rand’s novel) ‘Atlas Shrugged,’ ” said Ron Galloway, co-director of “Why Wal-Mart Works.”

In an Investor’s Business Daily column, Sean Higgins discusses the Galloway film, and contrasts it with “Wal-Mart: The High Cost of Low Price”, another documentary taking a very different view of the retail giant.

Whatever one thinks of Wal-Mart, the debate starkly highlights two opposing ideological camps. The two films accurately reflect the two sides of the controversy.

This is evident by contrasting the IBD column with a piece from the Denver Post.

Senate Oil Profits Hearings: Life Imitates Atlas Shrugged

Sometimes, unfortunately, life imitates art.

Caroline Baum, in a brilliant column at, demonstrates some regrettable parallels between Atlas Shrugged and the recent hearings on oil company profits.

In the wake of record earnings Senators Frist, Domenici, et al elected to question Hank Rearden, er… Exxon CEO Lee Raymond, about his business.

Dominici (as cited in Baum’s column) said:

”I expect the witnesses to answer whether you think your current profits are excessive and to talk about what they intend to do with the reserves and the profit accumulations that they have.”

Raymond’s reply?

“The price is set on the world market by willing buyers and sellers, as to what willing sellers are willing to sell it for and willing buyers are willing to pay for it.”

Ayn Rand once said there were certain real life events she couldn’t put in her novel, since they were so outrageous she’d be accused of inventing them. Sadly, this wasn’t one of them.