On getting your girlfriend to read The Fountainhead

Echoes of the TIME online article about the Atlasphere have been ricocheting around on a few websites lately. This comment at Hot Air seemed worth highlighting:

I suggested to two girlfriends in college that they read the Fountainhead, and they blew it off. I let the 3rd know a little about Objectivism, and then broke up with her when we had philosophical differences. She called me up six months later and wanted to meet. She changed her worldview after reading the Fountainhead and Atlas Shrugged. Weâ??ve been married for 14 years now and have two boys.

Can any Objectivist read that and not smile? :-)

I corrected a couple typos in the quote.

One thought on “On getting your girlfriend to read The Fountainhead

  1. Congrats on fellow comrade finding love! The likelihood of him finding a women who would actually read Atlas Shrugged, let alone come back and want to date, is done right amazing.

    Usually, they will just run away from his sociopath ass after glimpsing his dead soul.

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