“I Am John Galt” book now available on Amazon.com

The new book I Am John Galt by Donald L . Luskin and Andrew Greta is now available for purchase on Amazon.com.

We plan to publish a full review soon at the Atlasphere. Don’t wait for that, though; the book looks excellent.

From the press release:

“Who is John Galt?” may well be the best known line from all of Ayn Rand’s works. Soâ?¦ who is he? Galt is not only the fictional character from the hugely bestselling novel, Atlas Shrugged, who has come to embody the individualist capitalist who acts in his own self interest and in doing so lifts the world. He is also found in todayâ??s CEOs, journalists, sports figures, and actors who have led their lives according to Galtâ??s philosophy and in so doing they have achieved phenomenal success, not only for themselves but for those around them.

In their new book, I AM JOHN GALT: Todayâ??s Heroic Innovators Building the World and the Villainous Parasites Destroying It, well known market commentator Donald Luskin and financial journalist Andrew Greta introduce us to the real-life titans whoâ??ve lived their lives like Randâ??s fictional heroes and the malefactors whoâ??ve lived like her fictional villains. Filled with exclusive interviews, profiles, and analyses of the superstars who have based their lives and careers on the philosophy of the perennially popular Ayn Rand, this book both inspires and enlightens.


· The Individualist: Steve Jobs as Howard Roark, the man who reinvented four industries just because it was so cool

· The Mad Collectivist: Paul Krugman as Ellsworth Toohey, the man who preaches socialism from the pages of Americaâ??s newspaper of record

· The Leader: John Allison as John Galt, the man who walked away after building Americaâ??s strongest bank

· The Parasite: Angelo Mozilo as James Taggart, the businessman who co-opted government and nearly wrecked the US economy

· The Persecuted Titan: Bill Gates as Henry Rearden, the businessman who created revolutionary technologies and was criminalized for his success

· The Central Planner: Barney Frank as Wesley Mouch, the politician who meddled in the economy and almost destroyed it

· The Capitalist Champion: T.J Rodgers as Francisco dâ??Anconia, the modern Renaissance man and agent provocateur for capitalism

· The Sellout: Alan Greenspan as Robert Stadler, the libertarian who became an economic czar

· The Economist of Liberty: Milton Friedman as Hugh Akston, the academic who showed the world the connection between capitalism and freedom

Engaging and entertaining, I AM JOHN GALT examines how the inspiration that is Galt thrives more than 50 years after the publication of Atlas Shrugged. It will spark the interest of Ayn Rand fans everywhere, as well as those seeking a way to succeed in today’s turbulent and confusing times both in their business lives and their personal lives.

About the Authors

Donald L . Luskin is Chief Investment Officer of TrendMacro, an investment strategy and economics research firm. For over thirty years, he has been a leading figure in investment management and financial markets. He was formerly vice chair of Barclays Global Investors (now BlackRock) and is the founder of Investment Technology Group and MetaMarkets.com. Luskin appears weekly on CNBCâ??s Kudlow Report and contributes frequently to the op-ed page of the Wall Street Journal. He is the author of Index Options and Futures: The Complete Guide and editor of Portfolio Insurance: A Guide to Dynamic Hedging, both published by Wiley.

Andrew Greta is an author and business executive with more than fifteen years of experience in the financial markets and currently holds an appointment with the College of Business at the University of Illinois in Champaign-Urbana. He formerly led corporate and business development at CME Group in Chicago. Greta is a former contributing editor for TheStreet.com. His articles on finance and investing have appeared in numerous national publications including SFO magazine, DSNews.com, ABCNews.com, Online Investor, and Individual Investor.

5 thoughts on ““I Am John Galt” book now available on Amazon.com

  1. Anonymous

    Since Ludwig Von Mises (pronounced meeses) taught Ayn Rand her economics, wouldn’t it have made more sense for him to be the Economist of Liberty?  After all, Milton Friedman was a disciple of the monetarist school while Ayn Rand and Mises were disciples of the Austrian school of economics. 
    I personally believe that we have witnessed the effects of ABCT throughout my lifetime.

    1. What evidence is there that Mises “taught Ayn Rand her economics”? I wonder if this is really true or if it’s sort of an urban legend in Mises circles.

  2. Anonymous

    I will be reading the book.  However, as the previous comment (5674DB) asks, what happened to the von Mises influence? Wouldn’t von Mises have been a far better choice for Hugh Akston than Milton Friedman?  And, if not von Mises, why not George Reisman?  Has there ever been an economics text like “Capitalism”?

  3. It is frequently said that Mises was Rand’s favorite economist. But in fact when they met they quarreled, and Rand ultimately rejected him for not finding the moral basis for his arguments. (See Heller: Ayn Rand and the World She Made). That said, Rand didn’t like Milton Freidman either. She thought he was a compromiser, too willing to work within the corrupt system.

    I chose Friedman for my Ackston character nevertheless, because of his commitment to reason as the foundation for his economics. Rand considered herself first and foremost a philosopher of reason, and Friedman was the economist of reason.

    Rand’s rejection of people like Mises and Friedman, in my opinion, was partly on the grounds of philosophcal purity — and also because these people were rivals for the hearts and minds of potential converts to the cause of liberty. As in a primary election within a political party, the candidates highlight very small diferences, even if there is agreement overall in relation to a larger opponent.

  4. Anonymous

    Thank you for your response, Mr. Luskin.  But, could you give your opinion on Dr. Reisman who was not at odds with Ayn Rand.  Although, I realize that, later on, differernces did develop between the Reismans and some of Ayn Rand’s successors. 

    By the way, I saw your presentation on the book show (I forgot the name of the show) this morning and heard you tell about the episode with Krugman.  It’s a frightening story, more so because he seems to have gotten away with it. 

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