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TOC Graduate Scholarships

The Objectivist Center has announced plans to offer up to a maximum of $12,000 annually in living expenses and tuition and fees to support qualified graduate students pursuing advanced degrees in philosophy and closely related fields such as psychology and cognitive science. The application Deadline for Fall 2004 is March 1st.

More information and application forms are available on the graduate scholarship page of the TOC web site.

New ‘We the Living’ Movie Site

Duncan Scott Productions has launched a new web site for the We the Living movie, which includes historical information about the movie as well as a link to purchase the video via PayPal.

The Atlasphere recently published a two-part interview with Duncan Scott, wherein he talks extensively about his experiences releasing the movie in America, with Ayn Rand’s approval and guidance.

…Stay tuned for developing news about the big screen re-release of We the Living in San Francisco next month.

IHS Summer Seminars

Interested in receiving training to help advance the cause of liberty? The Institute for Humane Studies is offering a variety of free seminars targeted towards students and recent graduates who want to bolster their understanding of the economic, political, and cultural foundations of liberty.

From their seminar overview:

If you’re like many students, you’re not quite satisfied with standard answers to social and political issues. You like to think for yourself, and you often come up with answers that don’t fit neatly into “left” or “right” pigeonholes.

In the face of new global challenges, IHS seminars provide an opportunity to re-examine society and politics from outside the usual boundaries. They open a window on the classical liberal or libertarian perspective – a perspective that begins with individual liberty and explores where that leads for the individual, community, government, economy, culture…

The seminars are offered in a number of locations across the country. Visit the IHS summer seminars page for further details.

Ayn Rand & Objectivism Discussion Forums

Admirers of Ayn Rand’s novels have a number of e-mail and web based discussion forums to choose from. Below are a few of the more well-known forums.

E-mail Based Forums

WE THE LIVING – The “Objectivist Republic of Letters” owned by Kirez Reynolds. The service is free and contains several forums, including a moderated Objectivism forum, a moderated psychology forum, an unmoderated free-for-all called Atlantis, and regional forums for Boston, Dallas, Los Angeles, New York City, Philadelphia, Phoenix, and Tucson. (1200+ members)
RAND-DISCUSSION – A free, unmoderated forum “to exchange ideas on the writing of Ayn Rand, and Objectivism” run by CJ Pearman. (250+ members)
AYNRAND2 – A free, unmoderated forum “to Discuss Ayn Rand’s Novels and Philosophy” run by Aaron Freed. (200+ members)
ATLANTIS II – A free, unmoderated “individualist-centered discussion group” run by Douglas Wagoner and R. Christian Ross. (100+ members)
OBJECTIVISM STUDY GROUP – An e-mail forum, the motto for which is “We don’t speak for Objectivism; we study it,” owned by Bob Stubblefield. Includes separate sections for news and for study, and costs $48 per year ($24 for students). Participants are required to abide by a member contract. (Member count unavailable)
HARRY BINSWANGER LIST – An e-mail list “for Objectivists, moderated by Dr. Binswanger, for discussing philosophic and cultural issues.” The cost is $10 per month or $100 per year, although a free trial is available. Participants must abide by a “Loyalty Oath.” (Member count unavailable)

Discussion Board Forums

Most of the forums listed above are accessible via both e-mail and web browser. The following forums are web-based discussion boards.

THE AYN RAND FORUM – A new forum started in January 2005 by James Hughes.
THE ATLAS SOCIETY – Contains several mini-discussion forums for members, covering Ayn Rand’s fiction and films, and special interest topics such as “If You Like Rand You’ll Like…” and “My Favorite Rand Character.” Managed by Bob Bidinotto.
OBJECTIVIST SINGLES – A discussion board “for Objectivist singles to talk with one another” owned by Dan Edge.
OBJECTIVISM ONLINE – An “Activism for Capitalism” discussion board owned by David Veksler.
CAPITALIST CHICKS – A discussion board owned by Debbie Brannigan (previously interviewed by the Atlasphere) and daughter Tara.

If you know of other discussion forums you believe belong on this list, feel free to submit them via the Atlasphere’s support page.